Fintech offers a new paradigm for delivering fair and inclusive financial services and opportunities for consumers, small businesses, and our changing economy.

Our Mission

The Financial Technology Association (FTA) educates stakeholders on the value of technology-centered financial services and advocates for the modernization of financial regulation to support inclusion, fairness, and innovation.

What We Do

Our activities are focused on proactively shaping tomorrow’s regulations, policy frameworks, and public understanding in order to safeguard consumers and advance the development of trusted, digital financial markets and services.


FTA encourages interested fintech companies and outside organizations to contact us regarding opportunities to join the Association or support our work to inform forward-leaning policy.

Setting Sound Policy for Responsible and Inclusive Fintech

The policy tracks below are unified under a guiding “north star” concept: the idea that safeguarding, empowering, and advancing consumer and end-user interests should drive policy formulation. When considered together, these areas of focus will create consumer safeguards and protections, while fostering business model innovation that can deliver access to safe, inclusive, low-cost, and equitable financial products, services, and opportunities.

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Modernizing Financial Regulatory Frameworks, Charters, and Licenses

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Federalism for the 21st Century: Recognizing, Rationalizing, and Supporting Federal and State Frameworks

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Fintech Partnerships & Technology Integration

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Expanding Ownership and Responsibly Increasing Financial Market Accessibility & Opportunities

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Innovating Regulatory Oversight and Compliance