A new survey conducted on behalf of the Financial Technology Association finds that BNPL users have high levels of favorability and trust in the service

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Financial Technology Association (FTA) today released a new Morning Consult poll on consumer sentiment towards Buy Now Pay Later and its impact on consumers’ financial health. 

The poll found that Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) has a positive force on the financial future of its users and that eighty-two percent (82%) of BNPL users trust the service to do the right thing for consumers. More than three-quarters (79%) of consumers who used BNPL report having a positive experience with them. 

The poll also found that using multiple BNPLs has made it easier for consumers to pay for their purchases. Seventy-seven percent (77%) of adults who reported using multiple Buy Now Pay Later companies at some point in time said it made it easier to pay for their purchases. 

“Buy Now Pay Later helps consumers manage their cash flow responsibly and live healthier financial lives,” said Penny Lee, Chief Executive Officer of the Financial Technology Association. “Many American families still struggle to afford essentials and turn to Buy Now Pay Later as a positive alternative to high-interest rate, revolving debt options.” 

Here are other key findings from Morning Consult’s polling: 

  • Buy Now Pay Later is seen as having clear and understandable terms and conditions of service among nearly all its users. More than nine in ten (94%) users of BNPLs found that they could easily understand the terms and services. This finding is true across demographics.
  • Adults reported that zero to low-interest rates were the most important feature when selecting a BNPL payment option. Other top reasons were flexible payment options, easy-to-understand terms and conditions, and transparency. 
  • Most adults report being worse off now, financially, than they were a year ago. More than half of adults are concerned about being able to afford gas and food. 
  • BNPLs have helped consumers pay for items such as retail, technology, and household appliances. To this extent, adults, specifically younger and non-white adults, feel that BNPLs would be helpful to them in managing their finances and purchases.

Morning Consult conducted this poll on behalf of the Financial Technology Association between September 1-September 3, 2022, among a sample of 2210 Adults. For further analysis of the poll, click here, and for the toplines, click here



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