Banking Dive: Small banks, fintechs ask CFPB for more time to phase out screen scraping

The Financial Technology Association, which said it prefers to use the term “permissioned login” rather than the “potentially derogatory” term, screen scraping, believes the practice should remain viable, especially in situations where APIs are not offered or available. “[W]e urge the Bureau to focus on encouraging third-party providers to increase API integrations and performance rather…

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Politico: Banks, fintechs poised for battle over CFPB consumer data rule

While banking groups have long contended that fintechs lack the tools to protect that information, fintechs say their services have aided consumers by making financial services such as payments, budgeting and lending more accessible and easier to navigate. “Our priority is really implementation of the rule in a way that benefits consumers,” Angelena Bradfield, the…

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Penny Lee Joins the Fintech Nexus Podcast

The fintech industry has become much more sophisticated in how it engages with lawmakers and regulators in Washington. There are now many people in leadership positions, both within fintech companies and within the trade associations, with deep experience in government who can make sure our voice is heard. And that the issues that are most…

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