Washington, D.C., September 15, 2021 – The Financial Technology Association (“FTA”) announced today that MX, the financial data platform provider and leader in modern connectivity, has become the association’s newest member. This addition further expands the association’s focus on open banking policies while demonstrating a commitment to improving consumer and business outcomes through thoughtful regulation.

“We’re excited for MX to join forces with our other member companies and advocate for consumers who rely on transformational financial products and services to help take control of their financial future,” said Penny Lee, CEO of FTA. “We look forward to working with MX to further our shared mission of safeguarding consumers and advancing the development of trusted, digital financial markets and services.“

MX connects more than 16,000 financial institutions and financial technology companies to provide the industry’s most reliable and secure data network. The company powers 85% of digital banking providers and thousands of banks, credit unions, and fintechs, with a combined reach of over 200 million consumers.
Open banking allows consumers to safely and securely access and share their financial data, fostering greater financial choice, personalization, and security. This capability empowers customers with a comprehensive and holistic understanding of their financial health, leading to improved financial outcomes. FTA supports the consumer-centric implementation of open banking regulation in the United States to empower consumer choice, data security, and privacy.

“MX is thrilled to be joining the FTA to advance the future of open banking and innovation in the financial services ecosystem,” said Jane Barratt, Chief Advocacy Officer at MX. “We look forward to partnering with the FTA and member organizations to advocate for the modernization of financial regulation and ensure consumers can access and use their financial data to improve their financial wellbeing.”

About the Financial Technology Association:

The Financial Technology Association (FTA) is the leading trade association for the technology-centered financial services industry. FTA’s mission is to educate stakeholders on the value of fintech and advocate for the modernization of financial regulation to support inclusion and innovation. The organization is focused on proactively shaping regulations, policy frameworks, and public understanding to safeguard consumers and advance the development of trusted, digital financial markets and services. More information on the association’s membership, as well as white papers and detailed policy positions, can be found at https://www.ftassociation.org/.