The Financial Technology Association’s inaugural Fintech Summit, held in partnership with tech media leader Protocol, examines the most pressing issues in fintech. With exclusive access to the most important players in fintech, from policy experts to industry leaders, audience members will join discussions on the financial technology transformation that is driving competition, breaking down barriers to financial services, and shaping the future of finance.

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Fireside Chat with New York State Department of Financial Services Superintendent Adrienne Harris 

As Superintendent of the NYDFS, Adrienne Harris is one of the nation’s foremost financial regulators, supervising over 3,000 banking, insurance, and other financial institutions, with assets totaling more than $9 trillion. This fireside chat will dive into the promise of financial technology to increase inclusion and access, steps government can take to modernize its policies to reflect innovation in the marketplace, and Harris’s approach to working with federal regulators to shape the future of finance.

Fireside Chat with Elizabeth Kelly, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House National Economic Council

Join Elizabeth Kelly, Special Assistant to the President for Economic Policy at the White House National Economic Council, for a fireside chat on the power of financial technology to drive competition and increase consumer choice in the economy. Kelly will touch on the Biden Administration’s priorities on pressing policy topics, including faster payments, credit scoring modernization, and consumer data access and privacy.

Policy Panel 1: Shaping the Future of Open Banking and Safeguarding Consumer Data Rights 

Open banking – or the consumer’s right to securely control and share their own data – is foundational to fintech innovations that provide better financial services at lower costs for consumers. In fact, nearly 9 in 10 Americans use apps and services powered by open banking. Yet, many of the financial benefits that consumers enjoy today – from overdraft protections to loan servicing and fraud monitoring – could be undermined without clear rules of the road on open banking. 

Panelists will discuss what to expect in the CFPB’s upcoming 1033 rulemaking and the steps Washington can take to safeguard consumer data rights and support competition and innovation across digital financial services.

  • Jo Ann Barefoot, FTA Advisory Board Member, CEO and Co-founder of the Alliance for Innovative Regulation (moderator) 
  • Meredith Fuchs, General Counsel, Plaid
  • Tom Devlin, Managing Counsel, Office of Regulations, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau 
  • Sharon Anne Kean, Senior Director of Expansion, Wise 

Fireside Chat 2: Rodney Hood, Board Member and previous Chair of the National Credit Union Administration and FTA’s Head of Policy and Government Affairs, Angelena Bradfield

As Chairman of the National Credit Union Association, Rodney Hood led the agency to promote financial inclusion and support small businesses and communities nationwide. This fireside chat will delve into the power of credit union/fintech partnerships and innovations in the marketplace that benefit consumers and small businesses.

Policy Panel 2: Shaping the Future of Fair and Inclusive Credit

Innovations around alternative credit options can mean the difference between financial well-being and financial hardship, whether it’s being able to pay a bill on time or facing an overdraft fee and managing your cash flow responsibly or accumulating revolving debt. Fintech innovations like Buy Now Pay Later and AI/ML-driven credit models are paving the way for a more fair and inclusive financial future for all. 

Panelists will discuss how Washington can advance a regulatory framework that further enables this transformation, encourages innovation, and safeguards consumer financial well-being. 

  • Robin Nunn, Partner, Morgan Lewis 
  • Alex Marsh, Global Head of Public Policy, Klarna 
  • Teddy Flo, Chief Legal Officer, Zest AI 
  • Melissa Koide, CEO and Director, FinRegLab 
  • Anthony Alexis, FTA Advisory Board Member, and Partner, Goodwin (moderator)

Policy Panel 3: Shaping the Future of Small Business and Serving the Missing Middle

Small businesses are the backbone of the economy, creating two out of every three jobs and spurring significant economic growth. But they are underserved by traditional financial institutions, whether it’s access to capital or financial tools like spend management, budgeting, and payment services. Fintechs are stepping in to fill the gap and serve the missing middle of small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

Panelists will discuss the powerful role fintech can play in closing the credit gap and outline steps policymakers can take to better serve small businesses and entrepreneurs. 

  • Sabrina Howell, Assistant Professor of Finance, New York University
  • Connie Evans, CEO of the Association for Enterprise Opportunity 
  • David Quinn, Chief Financial Officer, Bluevine 
  • Dan Gorfine, FTA Senior Policy Advisor (moderator) 

Founder Fireside with Truework Co-Founder and CEO Ryan Sandler

Join Ryan Sandler, co-founder and CEO of Truework, for an exclusive conversation about his path to founding a successful, growing fintech company and the Truework mission of redesigning the credit system to empower consumers. Truework provides income and employment verification for the nation’s largest mortgage, consumer, and auto lenders through an efficient, accurate, and secure API-enabled platform.